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NTrust Project Services
As with each of NTrust's four divisions (Products, Consulting, BPO, Project Services), the Project Services division strives to develop flexible and innovative solutions to the problems faced by IT development managers.

NTrust Infotech is known for being innovative…

Innovative in our approach to project management, application architecture, design, development, testing, QA…pretty much the entire software development lifecycle. But our innovation isn't just limited to the technical side of the house. NTrust offers a variety of engagement models that allow our clients unparalleled flexibility in the resources they engage, and how we manage them. From 'hands off' projects that involve the handing off of detailed specifications to our development and QA team, to collaborative development, where both the client team and the offshore team work together to develop and deploy a new application.

Engagement Models:
The following is an outline of the range of Engagement Models available to clients of NTrust. Keep in mind that these models were developed to best suit a specific client's needs…and we can work with you to come up with a model that best fits your requirements.

Engagement Model


Fixed Bid Project Engagement

This is for clients who have a very well defined specification, but don't have the bandwidth for a specific project. In this model NTrust will follow all coding standards of the client, or will cooperatively develop coding standards if none exist.

T & M Project Engagement

This is for clients who have a very general specification, and a need to start the development process because of market or customer pressures. NTrust can provide a dedicated project team which the client can keep together for as long as necessary...and can staff up or pare down as necessary for the given development and testing requirements. With this model, the client has the advantage of getting to select the project team, if they so choose.


This model is for clients who are interested in developing their own offshore development center, but need the guidance of a knowledgeable firm with a local presence to mitigate the risks of setting up such a center.

The BMO process includes:

Build: In this initial phase, NTrust utilizes their vast experience in outsourcing to build a quality infrastructure that suits the needs of their clients. Not only that, NTrust is able to leverage their knowledge of the local talent, hiring only the most qualified individuals to serve as outsourcing resources. Finally, NTrust's well documented Knowledge TransferTM and Induction Plan processes ensure that the all facets of the application or process are thoroughly documented.

Manage: Once the outsourcing facilities are up and running, the outsourced resources can provide high quality services while at the same time developing specialized induction plans and process documentation tailored to the client's needs. This ensures that the outsourcing practice is dependent upon the process, not the people.

Own: After all the setup has taken place, your organization has a choice, let NTrust continue to manage their offshore facility, or they can choose to internalize the facility into their organization. This has the effect of giving the client their own offshore facility, with all the benefits, and little risk of losing control.